Manager, Customer Service Centre, Information Brokerage

As Customer Service Centre Manager, you will:
• Manage and lead the team in the delivery of daily client support in line with Service Level and Operational Agreements.
• Implement and manage effective HR management practices including operational planning, performance management, and training to maximise the quality of service to clients.
• Lead the management, implementation and execution of Customer Service Centre processes to achieve a consistent approach to support the Information Brokerage products.
• Coordinate the Incident Management process in the event of a service failure, by synchronizing and managing the involvement of the Customer Service Centre.
• Interpret, develop and produce business performance reports, metrics and trending data relating to the Customer Service Centre and Incident processes and provide high level advice to senior management on the development of customer service strategies.
• Partner with Information Brokerage business units, as required, in the development of new business and content, providing advice on service delivery standards.
Applications to remain current for 12 months

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